MagentaLock introduces the Airfield Ground Lighting Safety Screw. Todays best practise is to focus on torque only. Lets take a step back and look behind the definition of torque or rather preload and lets combine it with what we know in our AGL surroundings…
“the clamp load, also called preload, is created when a torque is applied”
Components of an airfield ground light-, shallow base system:
Screws, washers, light fixture, shallow base with or without helicons, … on top of that, the way of assembling it, the process with variables like angle, speed silicone, … etc.
The system is complicated and has infinite various factors, which even change over time, e.g. corrosion, dust and wearing out of one or more of the mentioned components. Do we really know much about this important figure, the clamp load?
Can we afford that we don’t know this figure correctly and control this figure in the runway’s and taxiway’s?
The owner of the airfield carries the final responsibility!
M10 screw
Universal use for extended preload safety,
usable for all screwed AGL lighting products.



  • Save maintenance & extend operation
  • Increase safety for all stakeholder
  • Simplify & save money in procurement
  • Follow the experts recommendation
  • One stop shop services


The AGL safety screw comes as one piece, in a non-losable connection of pre-assembled safety washer and the pink screw. It can be used for shallow base installations. The system is comprised of a pair of washers that has cams on one side and radial teeth on the opposite side. Since the cam angle at the washer is greater than the thread pitch of the screw a wedge effect is created by the cams, achieving a high preload force which even gets higher before loosening, details see drawing and load schematic on page two.


  • Preassembled, non-losable security washer
  • Designed and made in Germany
  • Patented processes & anti-loosinng effect
  • Colored for increased visibility & improved / simplified visual detection (FOD)
  • Increased strenght through rolled thread
  • Locking effect, no waste / retightening needed

  • Maintains high clamp load
  • Ensuring the function of the screw connection
  • Quick and easy to install / remove
  • Locking function not affected by lubrication
  • High corrosion resistance (A4)
  • Optional safety nuts for stud installation
  • Optional intelligence sensor function with direct preload measurement

Experts’ recommendation

What can happen, will happen. Everybody ever
been involved in a project will agree on this
statement. In During installation and
maintenance everything from missing one of
the two washers, no washer at all, wrong sided assembly or even no screw at all can occur.
Knowing that and based on incidents happened, The Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) announced in their Cert Alert referring to
AC 150/5340-26, 30 and EB 83

“…it is highly recommended to use safety
washers and screws in a color not commonly
used in airports”.

Considering that and few more steps towards
Poka Yoke & Continuous Improvements practice
we developed this combined solution which can
make the difference to prevent having a major
incident which can cause life. The results of using
the washers are vetted in real live circumstances
with international recommended airports around
the globe.

Sensor &
Data Matrix Code


  • Installation and service documentation
  • Ultrasonic information documented in the code
  • Traceability throughout the whole supply chain
  • Data-Matrix Code as information storage
  • Continous inspection



  • Chemical non-losable assembled ultrasonic sensor
  • Direct contact from screw to sensor eliminates all common handling and coupling failures
  • Successfully tested and implemented in airplanes (preload in realtime)
  • Assurance of minimum preload
  • Eliminate risk of too high preload forces
  • Evaluate and display individual preload in assembled field situation
  • Documentation of preload


* 60 mm for deep can installation available

Enhanced Preload

The diagram below describes the self-loosening behavior of secured
and unsecured threaded fasteners under transverse loading conditions
by vibration testing as per DIN 65 151.


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